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New peristaltic pumps from Bühler

In many areas of science and industry flexible tube pumps, better known as peristaltic pumps, are employed for the transportation of fluids.

One of the applications in gas analysis is the discharge of condensate removed from the sample gas stream by a chiller.

The flexible tube pump features a steady forward flow, without check valves, regardless of pressure variations within the system and prevents any ingression of ambient gas into the loop.

For safe areas Bühler Technologies from Germany has released the CP series as an open or covered OEM version.

Both basic types can be equipped with single or double head, providing a single or a separate second individual flow stream.

The tube ends are straight or come with a 90° bend.

Both basic versions are available with 115/230V AC power supply, the open OEM version is also offered with 24V DC supply.

There is a choice of different tube materials available depending on the resistance to corrosion required by the individual application.

The flow rate for each individual flow path is dependent on the tube material between 0.24 and 0.3l/h.