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New peristaltic pump improves process handling in biopharma applications

Watson-Marlow (WM), a peristaltic pumps and fluid path technologies provider, has introduced its new 530 peristaltic cased pump for upstream and downstream bioprocessing tasks.

New features include colour HMI display and intuitive menu structures that provide visual status indication and minimal key presses, and the pump provides high process security with the addition of a three-level PIN lock.

The PIN protection assists validation and minimises the opportunity for mistakes.

This means operators only have access to functionality they have been assigned, ensuring that the process remains secure and there is no opportunity for costly mistakes to be made.

The new pumps are a good fit for single-use bioprocessing applications requiring high pumping consistency, thus improving cGMP compliance and final product quality.

The WM 530 range of process pumps deliver flexible system integration by offering four drive options, enabling users to choose from straightforward manual operation to fully automated control, including the ability to link up to 16 pumps and provide real-time communication.

Users will also benefit from the 530 models’ integrated PROFIBUS networking capabilities.

With two-way, real-time communications, the 530 range offers increased diagnostic capability and faster response, helping optimise process control and minimise downtime.

The pumps deliver flow rates from 0.0001ml/min to 3.5l/min at up to 7 bar, thereby simplifying process scaling.

The 530 pump supports full integration with other equipment such as bioreactors, while IP31 and IP66 protection options make it suitable for all environments.

By matching the pump to USP Class VI tubing of high purity and tolerances, the user is assured of optimal performance in a variety of biopharm applications.

Three types of biopharm tubing are available which ensures a range of options for a variety of requirements and needs.

Depending on a user’s process needs, the 530 models can feature LoadSure tube elements, which fit into position for simple, error-free tube loading.

Using the patented LoadSure D-connectors and easy-grip clutched rotor, the tube element can be changed in less than one minute without the need for special skills.