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New Parker subsea hydraulic hose replaces welded pipe on offshore applications

The Parflex division of motion and control technologies developer Parker Hannifin Corp.has released its Polyflex 2340N-24 subsea hydraulic hose, an alternative to 1½” welded pipe in offshore drilling operations.

The first 1½” hydraulic hose specifically designed and certified for subsea applications up to 5000psi, Polyflex 2340N-24 replaces welded pipe and eliminates the need for special welding procedures and inspections, saving installation time while lowering installed costs.

The hose is constructed with a nylon core tube, high-tensile spiral reinforcement and seawater-resistant polyurethane outer jacket.

These features combine to offer a working pressure of 5000psi (34.5MPa) with a 4-to-1 design factor. The new hose uses Parker 8X Series 316 stainless steel fittings.

The hose assemblies will initially be available from the factory or from certified Parker distributors, with a field assembled option for use with Parkrimp 2 crimpers being released early third quarter of 2017.

Polyflex 2340N-24 hose is API-17E and ABS approved.

"Before now, the only 1½” hydraulic hoses available for subsea use were designed for land-based industrial applications. The industry would also resort to using rigid pipe, which requires specialised labour, welding certifications, and inspections," said Angelo Piano, product sales manager at Parker's Parflex division.

"As the first purpose-built 1½” 5000 psi hose for subsea applications, Polyflex 2340N-24 hose will withstand the rigors of the ocean environment while being much faster to install than welded pipe, saving labour costs and reducing downtime," Piano added.