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New ozone analyser with reagent-less sensor design for low operating costs

Electro-Chemical Devices, a US-based manufacturer of liquid analytical process instrumentation, has introduced the new plumb and play OZ80 ozone analyser for the wastewater treatment industry.

The analyser features a reagent-less design for low operating costs and offers a choice of three factory-calibrated measurement ranges designed to help process and plant engineers achieve accurate measurement.

The OZ80 features simple installation that only requires mounting the panel and connecting the drain lines before powering the device and selecting outputs, and which can be done in less than 15 minutes.

The outputs on the display as 0-2ppm for water disinfection or 0-20ppm for oxidation and bleaching operations. 

The OZ80 analyser features amperometric sensors – manufactured with a gold cathode, a silver anode, and a rugged microporous membrane – to detect and monitor O3 levels in water.

The O3 sensors are smart sensors with their identity and calibration information stored internally, and communication between the analyser’s T80 transmitter and the O3 sensor is via MODBUS.

The sensors are flow sensitive, requiring a minimum flow rate of 0.5ft/s, but above this flow rate the reading is virtually independent of the flow rate. 

The analyser’s constant head flow control device (CFD) maintains the optimum flow rate moving past the sensor for sampling purposes.

The CFD’s automatic flow control capability eliminates the need for pressure regulators and rotameters, which are required by many other H2O2 analysers to reduce system maintenance and lifecycle operating costs.

The minimum flow rate required by the CFD is 10gal/h, and the maximum flow rate is 80 gal/h with the sample draining at atmospheric pressure.

The OZ80 analyser is available with an optional sensor auto clean configuration, which features a solenoid actuated spray cleaner that provides either a 30psi process water or air.

The spray cleaner removes films from the sensor head, which over time can affect measurement accuracy.

There is rarely a need for manual wiping of the sensor head by maintenance technicians with the spray clean configuration.     

Designed with ECD’s T80 universal transmitter, the OZ80 Analyzer includes a 128x64 pixel (2.75x1.5”) display in black on grey with no backlight or blue on a white background with the LED backlight.

The standard configuration features two 4-20mA outputs, three alarm relays, and MODBUS RTU, and the enclosure is rated to IP65 and weatherproof.