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New non-intrusive Emerson temperature solution delivers repeatable and accurate measurement

Emerson Process Management has introduced Rosemount X-well technology, a surface sensing temperature measurement solution that eliminates the need for thermowell process penetration when measuring process temperatures in pipe applications.

The solution provides an accurate and repeatable internal process temperature measurement while eliminating possible leak points and simplifying specification, installation, and maintenance.

Rosemount X-well is available in the Rosemount 648 wireless temperature transmitter and Rosemount 0085 pipe clamp sensor assembly.

These components work together to calculate process temperature via the transmitter’s thermal conductivity algorithm.

Rosemount X‐well technology works by measuring the pipe surface temperature and ambient temperature, and combining this information with an understanding of the thermal conductivity properties of the installation and process piping.

A major advantage of Rosemount X-well technology is accurate process temperature measurement without requiring any intrusions or penetrations into the process, allowing for quicker and easier installation along with simplified long-term maintenance.

Operators do not have to design, size, or maintain thermowells, and wake frequency calculations are eliminated, as well as time spent determining material compatibility, the right insertion length, and the necessary profile.

With Rosemount X-well technology, operators can also add temperature measurement points without having to shut down a process.

X-well can be installed with a standard pipe clamp procedure and ordinary hand tools, and does not require a skilled contractor.

“Current surface temperature sensing technology only provides a surface measurement that can be easily influenced by ambient temperature, while Rosemount X‐well corrects for external conditions to infer the process temperature,” said Jason Rud, senior principal design engineer at Emerson Process Management.

Applications that can benefit from Rosemount X-well technology include pipelines, high velocity flows, slurries, heavy particulate fluids, wellheads, clean-in-place processes, high viscosity fluids, and harsh processes in the oil and gas, chemical, refining, food and beverage, metals and mining, and pulp and paper industries.