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New MSS high pressure knife gate valve standard receives ANSI approval

The recently revised Standard Practice SP-135-2016 for high pressure knife gate valves, published by the Manufacturers Standardization Society (MSS), has been approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as an American National Standard (ANS).

The first edition of MSS SP-135 was published in 2005 and today it is widely used in multiple valve and piping industries.

The standard is aligned with the class-rated design, testing, and material requirements of ASME B16.34 and the class-rated pressure, temperature, and dimensional requirements of ASME B16.5 and B16.47.

MSS SP-135 is the primary ASME class-rated knife gate valve standard and it is widely accepted as the principal standard for paper, chemical, petrochemical, hydroelectric power, and fossil fuel power valve and fittings systems.

MSS SP-135 was originally developed under the consensus of the MSS technical committee 114 (steel valves) and in 2012 the responsibility was transferred to the new MSS technical committee 409 (knife gate valves).

The newly revised and ANSI-approved ANS version of SP-135-2016 is now available, and all standard practices are available from MSS and through authorised distributers.

MSS is a US non-profit technical association organised for the development and improvement of industry, national and international codes and standards for valves and piping.