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New modular solution for liquefying waste from food industry

Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau, a Germany-based machinery manufacturer is introducing a new modular RedUnit solution for tough solids reduction in the food industry.

The new RedUnit combines Vogelsang's proven XRipper twin-shaft grinder, RotaCut wet macerator, and CC series progressive cavity pump.

It allows large quantities of coarse or fine solid matter to be shredded into media that can be easily processed for further use.

The unit can be flexibly adapted to individual situations as it is available in various materials, such as stainless steel for the food industry or other materials depending on the specifications.

The technology modules can be put together individually to form an entire conveying system complete with intelligent control technology. 

"This modular solution is ideal for disposing of food waste, for instance in the meat or vegetable processing industries or in sugar production plants," explained Harald Vogelsang, managing director of Vogelsang.

The RedUnit is especially suited for processing fruit, vegetable, bread, and fish waste as well as for disposing of animal remains, such as offal, bones, and hooves, or mixed organic waste from supermarkets and restaurants.