New Malaysian pipeline to help solve pollution problems

The Malaysian state of Selangor is to build a pipeline to divert contaminated river water in a bid to overcome pollution.
The construction of the pipeline will allow contaminated water to be diverted to other locations instead of directly entering the inlet of the water treatment plant (WTP).
Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari said: “In the RM200 million (€40 million) allocation, we will use it to build pipes so that polluted river water can be diverted. We need 15 months to complete the project.
“Through the pipeline, we will pump storage water from the hybrid off-river augmentation system (HORAS) and bunded or off-river storage (ORS) to the river so that the WTP will not run out of supply and it is estimated that the storage water can meet the demand for at least five days.”
The state government will also implement measures to treat river water through nano technology so that water supply disruption due to pollution can be reduced in the future.
“Even other states have had their water supply cut off for almost two weeks and the WTP has stopped working due to pollution, but it is not a hot issue probably because the population density in the state is not too high,” he added.

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