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New low-power modular pilot technology from IMI

IMI Precision Engineering has launched the new low-power Type 220 modular I/P pilot technology.

The Type 220 is capable of controlling in excess of 1 bar pressure while using one thousandth of the power of an energy saving lightbulb, IMI says.

The new patented pilot has been designed to meet a growing need for high-performance positioners and valves operating in low-energy or certified systems and is well-suited for use within a variety of custom pneumatic systems.

Using only 6mW of power, the Type 220 pilot is also nearly three times more stable across a temperature range of -40ºC to 85ºC than current pilot designs, meaning it can be used in a variety of environments without compromising performance.

The low power nature of the technology means hazardous area certifications are achievable and the entire product has been designed in accordance with global and regional certification standards, offering the opportunity for the device to pilot not only compressed air but also flammable gases.

An additional benefit of the Type 220’s low power consumption is the ability for designers to make use of unused power elsewhere in the system, such as display functions on Smart positioners or communication protocols embedded in valve systems.

Stephen Turner, product marketing manager at IMI says the company’s initial aim was to develop a pilot which could deliver reliable, repeatable performance across a wider temperature range than was currently possible.

‘As the development process progressed, we found that not only was this possible, but that it could be achieved with minimal power input.

The Type 220 can also be fit into almost any size of enclosure or space, as all interfaces, base, and manifold designs, as well as electrical connections, can be customised to individual system requirements.

It can also be installed in any orientation with no loss of performance, and is unaffected by external vibration.

The new pilot is designed to work across a specification of a 0.4 to 10 bar supply pressure, with input signals of 0-1.4mA and an output pressure range in excess of 0-1 bar.

IMI Precision Engineering is the new name for Norgren, which rebranded in early 2015.