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New low-flow meter solution from Max

Max Machinery, a low-flow measurement provider, introduces its Model P001 flow meter designed to eclipse the low end capabilities found in other low-flow meters.

It claims its new design has been engineered to offer 4000 pulses per meter revolution and k-factors as high as 24,000 pulses per cc.

The P001 boasts flow-rates from 0.005-200cc/min (based on 100 cps oil) and provides accuracy in intermittent applications, offering enhanced output resolution with linearised transmitters that offer adjustable dampening and anti-dither functionality.

As a positive displacement meter, the P001 provides an answer for start/stop flow applications, does not suffer from zero drift, and is insensitive to flow turbulence; making it ideal for research and development, fuel measurement, test benches and calibration stands, and additive and chemical injection.