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New leak-free turbine pumps from Michael

Michael Smith Engineers, a pump providing company, now offers a range of magnetically-driven regenerative turbine pumps for low-flow/high-head applications where zero leakage is required.

Available in a range of wetted materials its M Pumps range is designed to handle liquids containing up to 20% entrained gas, as well as thin, non-lubricating liquids, or for pumping small flows at high differential pressures.

The pumps can handle capacities up to 13m3 /hour at differential heads up to 164m for single stage designs and up to 500m for multistage pumps.  Low NPSH versions are also available for refrigeration / cooling applications, or for pumping boiling liquids or high vapour pressure liquids, with an NPSHR down to 0.5m.

The key features and benefits of the M Series include a high-head, low-flow capability, hydraulically and dynamically balanced impellers and a close-coupled design. They also have ability to handle liquids with viscosities from less than 1 cP up to 200 cP.

M Pumps are available in polypropylene, PVDF and stainless steel liquid end construction.