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New innovative modular piston pump series launched

The Hansa-TMP Mechatronics Research Centre, based in Modena, Italy, in collaboration with the Engineering Department of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, has developed the TPV 3600 axial piston pump series.

The TPV 3600 pump is modular in all its parts, and shares the same body between all pumps in the model range.

In order to improve the efficiency and the performance of the system, the standard body of the pump can be completed with a multitude of controls, not only manual or hydraulic but also with an electronic control board, with or without feedback.

A full range of on-board electronic sensors is available for the pump, including pressure, speed/RPM, swash plate angle, and man-on-board (MOB) sensors.

Other options such as a pressure filter, a flushing valve, and a by-pass valve make the pump a suitable solution for several applications.

The series includes a standard and a tandem version, both of which can be mounted on the machine in any position due to their ports’ symmetric design on both sides.

Designed to meet the demanding performance requirements of modern pumps, namely high efficiency, high pressure rate, and high reliability, the TPV 3600 series is characterised by a 25-38 cm³/n displacement, a peak pressure of 450 bar.

The pump series achieves a maximum speed of 3,600min-1 and the weight of the pump stands from 28kg for the single version to 51kg for the tandem one.

The pump conforms to the ISO 9001-2008 standard, and is suitable for use in construction, agricultural, and material handling applications.