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New Hydraset pump range by Khansaheb Sykes

Khansaheb Sykes, one of the largest dewatering and pump rental companies in the Middle East, has launched the new range of Hydraset pumps.

The newly introduced pumps consist of three major components – a Hydrapak, Hydrapump, and a Hydrahose – and serves as a suitable solution when the suction lift requirements exceed nine metres.

The range of pumps includes both 100mm and 150mm models and have been designed to function in various sectors including construction, industrial, waste water, and marine.

The units are suitable for up to 46m heads and, being versatile, can offer up to 95l/s flow rate.

They have been designed to be mobile and easily moved around the site, and they can as well be forklifted or craned, if required.

The pumps act as a suitable substitute to the conventional diesel-driven pumps offered by Khansaheb Sykes and they also come with different pump end options for drainage or sewage applications.

Given their low maintenance, fuel economy, efficiency, service life, and the ability to produce their own power, these pumps are well-suited for isolated areas or where availability of power is limited.

The new range of pumps offers a safe and flexible solution capable of serving various site requirements across a range of sectors.