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New Houttuin TT two-screw pumps for terminal and refinery logistics

CIRCOR Pumping Technologies Houttuin TT two-screw pump (via CIRCOR).
CIRCOR Pumping Technologies Houttuin TT two-screw pump (via CIRCOR).

The CIRCOR subsidiary says that the pumps optimise unloading and transfer of product in refinery and tank terminal operations. The series is API 676-3rd compliant and suited for application in the oil and gas industry.

The pumps are designed for delivery of different fluids at an operator-specified rate, even during processes with changing or unpredictable conditions. The TT pumps prioritise consistency in their loading and unloading times, no matter the liquid or discharge head.

The pumps enable higher flow capacity and lower net positive suction head (NPSH) than other pumps of a comparable size, the company said in a press release. With discharge pressure limited to 20 barg, this pump’s narrower root diameter increases the displacement, resulting in greater flow at the same pressure.

Dependent of process conditions, the TT series has an NPSH as low as 1.5mwc at full speed. Houttuin says this makes it fit for work in ‘difficult low NPSH/high vapour pressure fluid applications’. Because of this, it expects the pumps will make processes more reliable through improved variable storage levels and inlet pressures, allowing operators to focus on managing cavitation in the pumps.

Other features of the new pump include:

•             Relief valve cast into the pump body

•             Root diameter reduced for greater displacement

•             Reduced case length and bearing span

•             Optional intermediate covers for cartridge and dual seal arrangements

•             Big gearbox with fins for ambient air cooling

•             Replaceable assembled rotors with materials matched to application


As well as the oil and gas industry, the company hopes to see the pump applied in the process and transport industries to handle fluids used typically in places like the chemical and food and beverage sectors.

The TT two-screw pumps will be announced at StockExpo in Rotterdam, Netherlands 20-22 March.

CIRCOR Pumping Technologies Houttuin TT two-screw pump (via CIRCOR).