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New hose pushes out a ‘wall of water’ to create a safe hydro-barrier

Australian Pump Industries has designed the 'Aussie Water Wall', a new product incorporating the company's 'Aussie Smart Hose' technology.

Designed to be used in containment situations, the Aussie Smart Hose prevents fires from spreading by creating a 300m², 12-15m high wall of water, and protects adjacent sensitive environments from heat damage. It can also be used in an isolating capacity in applications such as fuel and hazmat refilling work or decontamination.

The 16 kg Aussie Water Wall consists of 20m of 75mm Duraflex hose with 25 high-grade steel, interchangeable nozzles. The water can be jetted horizontally or vertically and jets can be sealed off using dummy plugs.

According to Aussie product manager Brad Farrugia, one Water Wall can deliver a water safety barrier into a high risk situation, not only protecting operators but also allowing human resources to be deployed more efficiently. The Water Wall can also be used to deliver extinguishing and wetting agents, disinfectants and other chemicals. Jetting vapours and liquids can assist in the absorption of hazardous heavy gases. Chemicals can be introduced to the water mist to neutralise a dangerous environment.