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New high-temperature heat transfer fluid from Radco

Radco Industries, a global manufacturer of high quality heat transfer fluids and specialty lubricants for the military sector, has added a methylethylated aromatic mixture to its line of synthetic and petroleum based heat transfer fluid products.

This latest formulation will be manufactured and sold as Xceltherm SST.

Testing performed under the recently developed ASTM 6743, known as the ‘Standard Test Method for Thermal Stability of Organic Heat Transfer Fluids’, demonstrates that Xceltherm SST is well-suited for use up to 370°C.

This is a 28°C advantage over many other high temperature, low pressure aromatic fluids.

Even if the higher temperatures are not required in a particular application, it should be noted that initial degradation starts below the maximum operating temperature and the rate of degradation gradually rises with temperature until it reaches a level that gives the fluid an unacceptable service life.

That temperature limit is used as the standard for evaluating the maximum bulk operating temperature of heat transfer fluids.