New heat exchanger with smaller tube diameter

HRS Heat Exchangers has introduced the new C Series of industrial multitube heat device with a smaller tube diameter.

This will help to improve heat transfer in certain situations and create a more compact unit.

The new C Series further increases the number of models in the HRS Industrial Multitube range.

The HRS C Series is suitable for applications with low to medium viscosities, as well as heating CIP fluids and general industrial applications.

Based on the well-established K Series of Industrial Multitube heat exchangers, the new C Series also features HRS’s corrugated tube technology which increases heat transfer and thermal efficiency while also minimising the effects of fouling.

The new standard option is expected to be popular for use with industrial hot water and steam applications.

The smaller tube diameter means that more tubes can be fitted into each unit, meaning that in the same model heat transfer is more efficient.

This results in a more compact unit as the overall length of the heat exchanger can be reduced for a given capacity, meaning that C Series units with smaller tubes can be produced for areas where the available space for installation is restricted.

Matt Hale, international sales & marketing director at HRS Heat Exchangers, said: “The standard internal tube diameter of our K Series of industrial heat exchangers is 18mm. In the past, where clients have wanted a smaller tube diameter for a specific project, we had to produce it as a special item.
“However, we are now able to offer the C Series with 12mm tubes as a standard option, meaning shorter production lead times and competitive pricing.”

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