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New gasket material withstands extreme conditions

Triangle Fluid Controls, a Canadian manufacturer of industrial PTFE and semi-metallic gasketing products, has launched a premium grade compressed non-asbestos gasket material.

Durlon 8900 has been designed to withstand temperatures of 496°C and pressures of 138 bar, and has been thoroughly tested passing the API 607 6th Edition Fire Test with zero leakage.

“This product is extending the Durlon family of compressed rubber-fiber material’s upper temperature range beyond where traditional carbon fibre products cannot effectively reach,” said Mike Shorts, VP and general manager at Triangle.

“This will fill the niche segment for moderately high temperature applications in industries such as power generation, petrochemical refining, and chemical processing that require premium sealability and performance characteristics,” he said.

Durlon 8900 contains high strength fibres and graphite fillers bonded with high performance nitrile (NBR) synthetic rubber.

The rubber level in Durlon 8900 is optimised to obtain a flexible sheet with good cutting properties without compromising physical properties in extreme heat and harsh conditions.