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New gas turbine power plant to be built in Singapore

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Keppel Infrastructure announced plans to build a $537 million (€537 million) 600MW hydrogen-powered advanced combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant.
The Singapore-based firm said this was going to be the country's first hydrogen-ready power  plant when completed in the first half of 2026.
The firm's subsidiary Keppel Energy will use Japan's Mitsubishi Power Asia Pacific and Singapore-based Jurong Engineering to build the Keppel Sakra Cogen Plant, located in the Sakra sector of Jurong Island.
The plant will initially run on natural gas as its primary fuel, but is also designed to operate on 30% hydrogen-blended fuels or entirely on hydrogen.
It will also produce steam for industrial use by energy and chemicals customers on Jurong Island.
Keppel said the plant will save up to 220,000 t/yr of CO2 equivalent compared to the average operating efficiency for power generated in Singapore an on equivalent basis, equal to removing some 47,000 cars from the road each year.
Another Keppel subsidiary, Keppel New Energy, has signed an initial agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to carry out a feasibility study into developing a fully ammonia-fuelled combined-cycle power plant in Singapore.