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New gas hazard area monitor provides week-long battery life

Industrial Scientific, global gas detection solutions provider, has introduced the Radius BZ1 area monitor providing an industry-leading run time of 7 days.

When a gas hazard occurs, the Radius BZ1 tells workers in industrial environments not only that there is a danger, but it also reports the cause through distinctive audio and visual cues and an extra-large display.

Custom alarm action messages allow workers to focus on taking appropriate action depending on the present gas level.

“We are looking to redefine area monitoring by making it simpler for the user, yet more sophisticated in terms of the connectivity and safety features it provides,” said Justin McElhattan, president and CEO at Industrial Scientific.

With the Radius BZ1, Industrial Scientific has also launched a proprietary wireless platform called LENS Wireless, a peer-to-peer communication system that enhances worker safety by sharing alarms and gas readings between monitors.

LENS Wireless works out of the box, forming a network automatically without the need for a central controller, IT setup, or infrastructure.

The simplicity of deploying and using LENS Wireless helps workers to respond faster, and with real-time information, when gas emergencies occur.

The design of the Radius BZ1 makes the instrument easy to maintain thanks to its intuitive, text-based navigation and the removable, patent-pending SafeCore Module.

The SafeCore Module allows safety personnel to automatically bump test, calibrate, manage settings, and update software using the DSX docking station.

The interchangeable nature of the SafeCore Module lets instrument owners have a smaller, rotating fleet to ensure continuous gas detection coverage in the field.