New Flowserve slab gate valve provides reliable sealing and shut-off performance

US-based industrial machinery manufacturer Flowserve has designed the API 6D Valbart through conduit slab gate valve (TCSGV) for a variety of pipeline services.

The full-bore diameter of the valve is well-suited for pigging requirements, while the floating slab gate utilises fluid pressure to assist in sealing process.

The Valbart valve features an optimised structural design that delivers an enhanced strength over weight ratio, minimising deformation and reducing weight by up to 20% for each reinforcing element.

It offers improved sealing and tight shut-off performance with bi-directional, spring-energised seals in both upstream and downstream sides, even at low pressures, and increased life of sealing components through a low-friction, slab gate guiding mechanism.

The valve provides cost-effective actuation from low operating thrust requirements, as the seat and gate stay in a floating position unaffected by side loads.

Adding to its unique design, the slab gate valve features an engineered ribs profile to enhance valve material in critical areas, which will increase body strength and improve sealing performance.

The TCSGV also meets the highest standards in the piping industry, including block and bleed, double isolation bleed (DIB 1), double block and bleed, and cavity relief.