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New Flowrox PC pumps: E and EL Series

(via Flowrox)
(via Flowrox)

The new progressive cavity (PC) pumps are designed for demanding industrial slurry and paste pumping applications.


The next-generation E and EL series PC pumps are lighter and smaller. The simpler structure of the PC pumps is also meant to make it easier to replace existing pumps. Customers can choose additional features based on process demands.

Pumped medium continuously shifts spaces (progressing cavities) between the rotor and the stator, a mechanism made to eliminate pulsation. The company says that these pumps can operate nearly pulsation-free.

E and EL series pumps can deliver up to ten bar of pressure per single stage via the spiral stator that forms the heart of the equipment.

Flowrox says that other benefits of Flowrox PC pumps include energy savings of up to 15% compared to a conventional model and minimized maintenance time.

(via Flowrox)