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New flowmeter launched by Fox Thermal Instruments

Fox Model FT4A
Fox Model FT4A

Marina, California based Fox Thermal Instruments has announced the launch of its latest flowmeter, the Fox Model FT4A. According to the company, its new product is ideal for oil and gas, wastewater and industrial applications.

A statement from Fox Thermal Instruments lists the key features of the new flowmeter:

  • 2nd generation non- cantilevered DDC-Sensor - Advanced Direct Digitally Controlled sensor technology
  • Expanded Gas-SelectX Menus – 3 onboard gas selection menus
  • CAL-V - In Situ Calibration Validation Routine
  • RS485 Modbus RTU or HART - Optional Communication Protocols
  • Standard USB Port – Gain Direct Meter-to-PC Connections
  • FT4A View  - Software for configuring, graphing, and Logs

According to Fox Thermal Instruments, their new flowmeter is particularly well suited to applications involving the monitoring of pure gases, mixed gases and even complex flare gas compositions.  The second generation DDC sensor is designed to eliminate element vibration, reducing metal fatigue and failure. The CAL-V feature allows users to check the meter is functioning properly simply by pushing a button.


Fox Model FT4A