New flowmeter for process gas measurement

Endress+Hauser has launched a new ultrasonic gas flowmeter with integrated pressure and temperature sensors for accurate, real-time measured values.
The Prosonic Flow G 300/500 is a suitable flowmeter for demanding applications in gas measurement, including wet gas.
With optional integrated pressure and temperature sensors for optimum process control, the ultrasonic device offers reliable measurement of natural gas, process gas and gas mixtures as well as unique gas analysis functions. Developed to measure both wet and dry gases even in fluctuating process and ambient conditions, the Prosonic Flow G ensures precise measured values (up to ±0.5% or).
Its robust design and corrosion resistance make it suited for applications in the chemical and oil and gas industries, including gas processing, process gas measurement, separator gas outlets, boiler inlets and CHP biogas.
The ultrasonic measurement is unaffected even when measuring moist or wet gases due to the innovative sensor, which drains away any condensate that forms.
The Prosonic Flow G can also be ordered with built-in temperature and pressure sensors.
This means it can simultaneously detect multiple measured values that are important for process control.
The optional advanced gas analysis function enables the calculation of process variables such as corrected volume flow, mass flow, energy flow and methane content.

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