New flow meter option from Badger

Badger Meter has recently introduced a new flow monitor for monitoring flow metrics in challenging environments.

It claims the ER-500 offers an alternative to conventional flow monitors in measurement applications involving viscous or highly corrosive liquids, including petroleum-based fluid measurement and other liquids compatible with the monitored flow sensor.

It also allows users to connect meters to a network for remote monitoring and process automation capabilities. Multi-point linearisation tables are supported in all models, enabling increased reading accuracy.

‘The ER-500 enables users to optimise their flow metering performance, even under the most demanding operating conditions,’ says Peter Vander Grinten, Badger Meter marketing manager. ‘It is suited for industries ranging from chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas, to water and wastewater, food and beverage, pulp and paper, paints and coatings, and printing.’

The standard communications interface is 4-20 mA and total pulse, while the advanced interface adds two control alarms and Modbus RTU over RS485 connectivity.

The ER-500 also features low power consumption in normal operating conditions with the option for both 4-20 mA loop and battery power. The onboard battery is designed to last in excess of six years.

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