New flow measurement solution enhances truck and railcar loading operations

A new flow measurement solution from Emerson now provides greater measurement assurance for hydrocarbon custody transfer applications.

The company’s MID-certified turnkey flow measurement solution in Europe enhances truck and railcar loading operations by improving measurement accuracy and traceability, increasing loading bay availability and reducing operating costs.

The new solution addresses custody transfer applications for downstream terminals, refineries, LNG plants and chemical plants, where accurate and reliable measurement of product transfers is essential.

The assembly’s compact and modular design significantly reduces engineering complexity as well as commissioning and installation time for new loading platforms, and simplifies upgrades to existing loading installations.

The Emerson module uses Micro Motion Coriolis flowmeters to provide highly accurate, stable and repeatable measurement of mass and volume flow and density. Rosemount transmitters measure pressure and temperature, and an Emerson preset batch controller manages the loading of hydrocarbon liquids into the trucks and railcars, and automatically controls a Daniel control valve for low flow start-up, high flow rate control, low flow shutdown and final shut-off.

A loading arm, an air separator, grounding and overfill protection can be provided to meet application requirements.

“Using Emerson’s flow module to improve loading operations contributes to greater operational efficiency and can help companies achieve Top Quartile performance,” said Thomas Sautier, flow solutions product manager for Emerson’s Automation Solutions business. “At a typical bay where 20 trucks per day are loaded, the accuracy improvement of flow measurements with Coriolis technology compared with mechanical meters can help to save more than €50,000 in financial imbalance risk per year.”

With a volume flow rate accuracy of up to 0.05% for liquids, the Micro Motion ELITE® CMF-Series Coriolis meters reduce measurement uncertainty and can improve the accuracy of the truck load by up to 150 litres.

The solution supports implementation of Industrial Internet of Things strategies with digital intelligence and analytical software embedded in the Coriolis flowmeters. They offer smart diagnostics, accessible via a range of digital communications, providing an online health status of the device and process that is available on demand, either on-site or remotely, without interrupting loading operations.

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