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New filter elements provide safer changeouts, greater efficiencies for gas processing industry

The new Clark-Reliance filter elements increase operator safety
The new Clark-Reliance filter elements increase operator safety

Clark-Reliance Corp. has announced a new line of coalescing filter elements for the gas processing industry, designed to eliminate unsafe filter element changeout techniques while increasing filtration efficiencies.

The new VertexCore filter elements have a fixed extension that is welded to the element end cap, which allows maintenance staff to easily remove and replace elements without exposing their head, shoulders, torso, or legs to a confined space.

This design feature eliminates the widespread behaviour of climbing into or reaching into filtration pressure vessels to remove or replace elements.

The VertexCore extensions and hold-down rods, while facilitating element replacement, also provide a barrier to prevent operator entry, a positive reinforcement to confined space safety regulations.

The coalescing filter elements feature multi-layer construction to maximise efficiency, with third-party testing confirming they meet ANSI/CAGI 400 test standards.

Removal efficiencies are down to 0.3 micron at 99.98% with maximum carryover of 0.1 ppm by weight.

Because they are more efficient, VertexCore elements can be retrofitted to existing pressure vessels to eliminate carryover created by inadequate element spacing of standard elements.

VertexCore coalescing filter elements are designed for critical use applications in the power generation, oil, and gas industries, or wherever gas processing occurs.

The new Clark-Reliance filter elements increase operator safety