New features for single-use pumps

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When attempting to describe the processes that are inherent to the manufacturing industry, words like complex, precise and pure come to mind.
That being said, the importance of those terms would appear to make words like fast and quick incompatible with the production of biopharmaceuticals. However, that is not necessarily the case. The most successful biopharmaceutical manufacturers are those that can reliably produce important drugs that are safe for human use while also getting them to market in a timely manner that maximises the earning potential of patent windows.
Critical pumps

This is where pumps become a critical part of the equation. Today’s most common systems require the handling, transferring, processing and purification of large-molecule drugs produced in living organism like animal-cell cultures, bacterial cells or yeast.
This must be done in a liquid phase with the handling of these materials performed by pump technologies that can reliably provide volumetric consistency and accuracy, pressures and flow rates, and low-pulsation, which are required in the process, and low-shear, low-heat input and material...

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