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New Emerson magnetic flow meter transmitter

Rosemount 8712EM Magnetic Flow Meter Transmitter (via Emerson)
Rosemount 8712EM Magnetic Flow Meter Transmitter (via Emerson)

The device is backward-compatible with previous magnetic flow meter sensors and features advanced diagnostics.

Emerson says that the Rosemount 8712EM Wall Mount Magnetic Flow Meter Transmitter comes with additional protocols, diagnostic capabilities and usability features to help operators in areas like water and wastewater, metals and mining.

The meter’s local operator interface was designed using ‘human centred design’ concepts meant to make it easier and faster for technicians to navigate in the field.

High process noise detection and ground fault detection are included in the device’s diagnostic tools. To promote confidence in its measurements the device also monitors its own health and performance.

A ‘universal transmitter capability’ in the Rosemount 8712EM allows it to operate with any existing magnetic flow meter sensor, according to the company.

The Rosemount 8712EM supports HART 7 for 32-character-long tag capability for reduced start up time, as well as options for intrinsically safe HART outputs and Modbus RS-485.

See the original press release here.

Rosemount 8712EM Magnetic Flow Meter Transmitter (via Emerson)