New Dantec product configurator

Dantec has launched a digital configurator for composite hoses in an effort to improve online service for customers.

The company says that users are able to create and compare millions of possible hose combinations, without needing to look through numerous data sheets and brochures.

The composite hose manufacturer, based in the UK, supplies sixty-six different hose types available in sizes one to ten inches. Each hose assembly is made bespoke according to customer requirements.

The Dantec configurator helps the user to pick the required hose type by filtering selected specifications. These include: application group, material liner, inner helix, outer helix, maximum working pressure, fire-safe technology and the maximum and minimum temperatures.

Once the user has selected the hose type, they are able to virtually build the composite hose assembly by selecting the required size, length and required end couplings and securing method. The configuration can be locally saved or send as a quotation request to Dantec.

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