New compact chemical dosing system

The Modular Dosing System (via Michael Smith Engineers)
The Modular Dosing System (via Michael Smith Engineers)

A Modular Dosing System (MoDoS) that provides highly accurate and continuous delivery of fluids in pilot-plant or continuous production processes has been introduced by fluids handling specialists Michael Smith Engineers. The MoDoS pump system incorporates a HNP Mikrosysteme internal gear pump, filters, sensors, valves, fluid connections and controllers, housed within an aluminium frame.

The integral micro-annular gear pumps from HNP Mikrosysteme are chemically inert and particularly suited to handling aggressive and corrosive fluids. Their ranges of hermitically sealed pumps with a magnetic drive can be incorporated into the MoDoS dosing unit, which the company says means that there are no issues with rotating seals failing. This is meant to increase operator safety, optimise production, prevent cross contamination of pumped fluids, and prevent wastage and environmental hazards due to leaks.

The systems, which are designed for fine chemical or pharmaceutical applications, can be specified for capacities ranging from 0.003 up to 1152 ml per minute, differential pressures up to 80 bar and on liquids with viscosities from 0.3 to 1000 mPa.

The range comprises five models: Mini, Lab, Slim, Pilot and Pro, with each model able to be fully customised to suit specific application requirements. The MoDoS Mini is the smallest, bench-top option consisting of pump, filter and check valve. The Lab, Slim, Pilot and Pro models include a flow meter with integrated controller and display for local control. The on-board controller allows a module to operate independently or be integrated into an external process control system. MoDoS Slim is a frame mounted system with additional features like inlet isolation, pressure relief valves, manometer and drip tray.

The MoDoS Pilot and Pro systems incorporate a dual flushable filter system for easier maintenance. The Pro model is mounted on swivel castors for transport and enables multiple models to be connected together and stacked. 

The open design of each system ensures easy access and exchange of all the key components and the corrosion resistant wetted materials aim to extended pump life and increased time between servicing.

The Modular Dosing System (via Michael Smith Engineers)