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New chemical-resistant elastomer from Oz Seals

Australian company Oz Seals has developed its latest elastomer for chemical resistance.

Based on Aflas by Asahi Glass Company, Aflas Extreme TFE Elastomer is a unique type of fluorinated rubber that combines strength with extreme chemical, temperature and electrical resistance. It is formulated with an additional PTFE backbone into the structure, making it stronger than standard Aflas. These properties make Aflas Extreme ideal for use in the chemical industries, refineries and foundries, as it can be used under conditions of temperatures up to 316˚C.

Aflas Extreme Elastomer is resistant to a variety of chemicals, including hydraulic fluids, brake fluids, amine corrosion inhibitors, acids, bleaches, pulp and paper liquors, and alcohols. It also carries abrasion resistance and has a low compression set (70 hours at 316˚C) of 18.

The new elastomer is processed under the chemical compounding department of Oz Seals, also known as Prinz Polymers. Aflas Extreme Elastomer is readily available in the form of semi-finished billets, machined seals, o-rings and gaskets.