New Certa Plus pump launched

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group has launched its new Certa Plus pump series to provide sustainable, high quality, versatile fluid management for the pharmaceutical industry.
Certa Plus utilises MasoSine’s experience in sinusoidal pumping technology to meet a broad range of applications.
An innovative advancement over conventional lobe pumps, the new sinusoidal Certa Plus technology offers pharmaceutical manufacturers lower shear, lower power consumption, full traceability and cleanability when transferring syrups, oils, creams and gels.
Manufacturing pharmaceuticals presents a range of complex challenges to ensure the medicine is high-quality and free from contamination.
Certa Plus was developed to guarantee cleanliness, with added capabilities that assure quality across a wide range of pharmaceutical products. The efficient design of the pump not only reduces cleaning time but also saves electricity, minimising cost and carbon footprint.
The pump is rigorously tested to comply with up-to-date regulations required for the pharmaceutical industry. Clean in place capabilities enable ease of cleaning and allow the pump to be easily integrated into an aseptic fluid path.
The pump can then be wet cleaned without dismantling and is steam sterilisable and bacteria-tight to remove the risk of residuals and contamination.

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