New Borger pumps go mobile when it comes to sewer flushing

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Rotary Lobe Pumps made by Borger have been installed on a fleet of sewer flushing vehicles for a private contractor.
Initial purification is achieved when the pumps extract wastewater through a coarse filter installed on the vehicles.
The still unpurified wastewater is then pumped into a centrifugal separator (cyclone), which separates other impurities, such as sand.
The clean water is then pumped to the storage tank in the vehicle for further use; primarily for flushing sewers.
Thanks to the reversibility of the Borger pumps, they can be used for additional purposes.
The pipe lines to the suction and pressure side of the pump are fitted with cardan couplings.
If required, these couplings can be connected to hoses or pipe lines. This then also allows the storage tank to be filled or discharged with clean water. Due to the option of reversing the pump direction, the pipe line systems are much easier to set up in the vehicle.

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