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New basic compact low pressure sensor from All Sensors

All Sensors Corp. of Morgan Hill, California, has released new low pressure sensor, the BLC Series, offering design engineers high performance over pressure ranges of ±1inH2O through ±30inH2O and 15psia.

The BLC Series basic low pressure compact sensor is based on All Sensors’ CoBeam 2 technology.

The devices provide a high output signal at a low operating voltage, maintaining comparable output levels to traditional equivalent basic sensing elements.

This lower supply voltage gives rise to improved warm-up shift, while the CoBeam 2 technology itself reduces package stress susceptibility, resulting in improved overall long term stability.

The technology also improves position sensitivity compared to conventional single die devices.

The series is intended for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic working fluids such as air, dry gases, and others, its compact size providing opportunities for small mobile devices.

The basic output is ratiometric to the supply voltage and is operable from 0.9 to 1.8 volts DC, ideal for battery applications.

Devices are available in 1, 5, 10, 20, 30inH2O (250, 1,250, 2,500, 5,000, 7,500 Pa) differential and 15 psi (103,000 Pa) absolute pressure ranges.

Parylene coating for the sensors is available upon request, and they can handle an operating temperature range of -25°C to 85°C.

Ideal applications for the device include medical devices, medical instrumentation, environmental controls, HVAC, portable/handheld devices, and other ultra-low pressure applications.