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New ball valves for tough operating conditions

Industrial valves specialist AS-Schneider has expanded its product range to the KB and KC Ball Valve Series with a bore size of 14 and 20mm.

The ball valves are especially suitable for the most demanding applications in the oil and gas industry and process industry, the company says.

The series already meets all current tightness and safety requirements in the standard version.

The two new ball valve series feature robust and well-thought-out construction, with a floating ball that allows a low operation torque even under difficult operating conditions.

To eliminate leakage in the event of temperature fluctuations or stress losses, the valves are equipped with a metallic body to end connector sealing.

They withstand a pressure of up to 420 bar and temperatures from -30 to 232°C, and the available body materials include carbon steel and 316 stainless steel.

Upon request, AS-Schneider also provides special alloys like Alloy 400 and Alloy C-276.

High quality PEEK or Reinforced PTFE are used for the ball seat.

The anti-blowout stem is discharged anti-statically against the body and thus ensures the high explosion and fire protection.

The stem seal, made of PTFE, is designed for low wear and long-term safe operation even in fugitive emission applications.

The valves are tested and certified according to ISO 15848 and are also Fire Safe tested and certified according to ISO 10497 / API 607.

The ball valve series with bore sizes of 14mm and 20mm are available with a variety of types and options, the choices including those for use with demanding process media such as oxygen or for low-temperature service.

An extended body, threaded for panel mounting, or a lockable handle which prevents unauthorised operation of the valve are further options.