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New Arca actuators for large and small applications

The PP-130 model is Arca's largest actuator to date
The PP-130 model is Arca's largest actuator to date

Arca Regler has developed two new pneumatically activated actuators, the company’s smallest and largest products so far.

On the small end of the scale, the PP-1.3 features a diaphragm surface of only 8.68sqin, while the PP-130 offers a 434sqin diaphragm surface.

The PP-1.3 is fully welded, made from stainless steel and especially designed for smaller nominal widths DN25-50 with a valve stroke of 16-20mm.

Despite its small actuator surface, the PP-1.3 reaches a control force of 1.3kN, with the Arca interface for direct mounting of Arca positioners integrated in the actuator yoke.

The PP-1.3 is designed for the use in the beverage and food as well as in the chemical industry.

PP-130 is a piston actuator that can, depending on the application, perform as both single-acting with spring return or double-acting with and without spring return.

The actuator reaches control forces up to 129kN, with a stroke range between 180 and 250mm, which makes it adequate for control valves in the DN500-700 size range.

Such valves are used, for example, in the bypass range of huge compressors protecting gas turbines.

In order to reduce construction height, in the double-acting actuator the pressure spring has been integrated into the pressure chamber.

Compared to the previous design, the control time could be reduced to <2 seconds and the overshoot could be reduced to half value at equal setting time.

The PP-130 model is Arca's largest actuator to date