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New analyser management solution provides cost savings for oil industry

The Dutch plant IT and engineering specialist Hint has introduced the AML automation solution for industrial production locations to provide infrastructure to manage and maintain online analysers, flowmeters, and transmitters.

The analyser management, metering, and loading (AML) solution increases the reliability of measurements and contributes to an efficient operation, Hint says.

Online analysers measure and analyse product flows at plants, drilling platforms, or drilling wells.

This yields data about produced quantities and quality, which is used to determine revenues of measurement stations, wells, concessions, and reservoirs (allocation).

Analysers are also required for measuring emissions and monitoring process safety, both of which are required by law.

With AML, operators and managers can monitor the performance of analysers, and perform maintenance, and the software package provides an easy way to understand plant processes.

As the performance of analysers and flow equipment improves, the equipment becomes more reliable for the operation and it functions on spec.

Maintenance costs are reduced and the entire plant will be able to run more efficiently.

"Companies in energy production want to do more with fewer people and deliver higher quality at lower costs. Loss of product must be kept to a minimum,” said Wout Last, president at Hint.

“Until recently, there was little investment in digital technology to optimise the operation, but I see that changing now,” he concluded.