New all-in-one groundwater logger measures water level and temperature

OTT HydroMet has launched an all-in-one groundwater level logger for basic water measurement, in response to increased demand for continuous time series data with affordable equipment.

The OTT ecoLog 1000 is a modern groundwater and surface logger that measures both water level and temperature, as well as valuable metadata.

"We heard your frustrations about excessive, expensive trips to the measurement site", said Peter Schaeffeler, OTT HydroMet's data management product manager. "We've made the OTT ecoLog 1000 reliable with intelligent power management and a long-lasting battery, so it can remain in the field without worry."

The logger also features integrated mobile communication to eliminate data gaps and provide reliable and accurate data. This near-real-time information ensures each visit is quicker and more efficient than before.

The ecoLog 1000 is durable and long-lasting with corrosion resistance to saline water, as the sensor probe is made of 904L stainless steel, and has a ceramic pressure measuring cell for increased robustness. The instrument is simple to use with just a smartphone, with no additional tools for maintenance, allowing the communication unit or sensor to be exchanged on site.

Schaeffeler added: "We've worked hard to greatly reduce the time and costs needed to set up and learn about the equipment, so customers can focus on their data.”

According to OTT HydroMet, the logger is ideal for government agencies, groundwater resources managers, scientists and technicians, among others, for both short- and long-term continuous monitoring. It can be used for in-well and in-pipe solutions, and in any location with a mobile signal.

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