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New Alfa Laval fluid handling innovation centre opens in Denmark

Alfa Laval – a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling – has opened a new application and innovation centre in Denmark.
The centre, in Kolding, will reinforce the company’s technology leadership within hygienic fluid handling.
Investing in the new 1,600sq m centre supports Alfa Laval’s strategic focus of accelerating product innovation and driving customer preference for Alfa Laval pumps, valves and cleaning and mixing equipment.
“It’s all about taking our customers’ production to the next level,” said Mikkel Nordkvist, vice president, hygienic fluid handling, head of industry management. “Customers can see – either in person or by live link – how Alfa Laval equipment performs under their actual operating conditions. Conducting trials with Alfa Laval industry experts provides verification of higher yield, improved hygiene, and sustainable cost reductions by saving energy, water and cleaning media. It’s a golden opportunity to validate overall performance.”
Rikke Kau Breinholt, vice president, hygienic fluid handling, and head of research and development, added: “The centre provides a unique environment to develop tomorrow’s fluid handling technologies and equipment.
“Multiple testbeds with advanced hardware and software enable us to drive innovation by conducting rigorous proof-of-concept experiments on new equipment for the food and pharma industries at many duty points under close-to-actual conditions.
“Moreover, with insights from customer trials, we can further refine our equipment and are able to introduce new customer-centric products and product enhancements to the market faster than before. Accelerating product development and innovation, in turn, means that we can deliver more value to our customers.”