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New air-operated diaphragm pump from Flux

Pump specialist Flux-Gerate has introduced a new energy-efficient air-operated diaphragm pump.

The self-priming air-operated diaphragm pump FDM 07 is suitable for numerous applications. 'It can be found in use in laundries and car washes where surfactant mixtures are metered, in surface finishing operations in which media are circulated and filtered or for example where installations and machinery are filled with process additives,' says the company.

During the pumping process the maximum flow rate of up to 20 l/min in conjunction with the low air-consumption provides maximum efficiency, and contaminated media containing solids of up to 1.6mm can be pumped without any problems. The suction and pressure connections of the new design each have a hybrid internal thread and a 0.75 NPTF external thread, allowing easy installation of the pump into existing processes and pipes. The Acetal conductive version is certified to ATEX Directive 94/9 EC for use in explosion-hazard areas. Thanks to an adapter plate the preceding model FDM 06 as well as other models can simply be replaced with the new FDM 07 air-operated diaphragm pump.

The integrated silencer minimises the generation of noise at the air outlet, thereby substantially reducing the noise level in the workplace.