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New ABB drive provides energy efficiency in pumps, fans and compressors

Swedish-Swiss technology developer ABB is introducing the ACS480 general purpose all-compatible drive to meet the energy-efficiency needs of a variety of light industries.

The new drive series is specifically designed to optimise pump, fan, and compressor operations in an energy efficient and simple manner in food and beverage, logistics and warehousing, and water and wastewater applications.

The ACS480 drive has all essential functions built-in and is therefore optimised to manage common variable-torque applications via numerous integrated and pre-programmed features, such as proportional integral derivative (PID), pump and fan macros, and timers.

Inbuilt EMC C2 filter secures compliance with the latest European and international standards, allowing the drive to be used in industrial and commercial environments.

To protect both people and machinery, the drive comes with key safety functions, such as a TÜV-certified safe-torque-off (STO) as standard.

In addition, the drive is enabled for connectivity to most common automation networks and has Bluetooth capability for easy configuration of the drive and monitoring of parameters with mobile devices.

With its control panel settings menu, the ACS480 is easy to start up, commission, and operate, ABB says in a statement.

Energy reduction is the reported number one focus area for the ACS480 and the built-in energy optimiser gives easy direct access to critical energy efficiency information, helping users monitor and systematically reduce the amount of energy used in their processes for big savings on energy bills.

The new drive also supports synchronous reluctance motors for even greater efficiency and savings and allows seamless scalability to the ACS580 whenever more power or features may be needed.