Netzsch pump enables fault-free and environmentally friendly conveying operation

In order to reduce the number of cost-intensive pumping installations on site, an oilfield operator near Bremen in Germany has selected a Netzsch system with an underground driven progressing cavity pump (PCP).

The solution offered by Netzsch combined a PCP with a submersible motor, which was then installed for the oilfield operator. The electric submersible progressing cavity pump (ESPCP) is driven below ground by a permanent magnet motor.

The design of the ESPCP system, which have been installed in northern Germany, is adapted to local conditions. It is able to convey highly viscous medium, which contains bitumen and paraffin sediments, sand content of up to 40%, or salt deposits, with a pressure of up to 300 bar.

The pump is able to convey low volumes of 3-20 cubic metres per day as efficiently as medium volumes of 10-100 cubic metres per day.

Netzsch installed the ESPCP system in the oilfield south of Bremen in November 2018. Since then, it has worked without incident until the first unscheduled shutdown of the production well, which was caused by a problem unrelated to the pump.

The system is expected to return to service soon, and the operator intends to purchase additional systems, according to Netzsch.


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