NETZSCH invests €6 million in new logistics centre

NETZSCH has invested €6 million in a new logistics centre.
The Grinding and Dispersing Business Unit aims to meet the tough international competition with innovations and new processes.
With more efficient processes and project-specific digitalisation of the machines, the Business Unit will ensure its customers have the right component in the right place at the right time.
The final assembly of machines and systems is already located in a 7,500 m2 production hall on the grounds of NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik in Selb, Breslauer Straße.
The facility serves to increase the efficiency of final assembly as well as relieve the production facility in Tirschenreuth which has space and capacity issues.
The logistics centre will be a single-story hall with an upstream incoming/outgoing goods zone. Offices for loading supervisors and logistics processing will be integrated into the building.
Due to the vastly different dimensions and weights of the components, a wide variety of logistics systems will be used in the hall.
Around 30 employees will use about 85% of the space for warehouse logistics.
About 15% of the area will be used for the assembly of small components, packaging and goods issue.

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