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Neste concludes industrial scale trial with liquefied waste plastic

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Neste has successfully concluded its first series of trial runs processing liquefied waste plastic at its Porvoo refinery in Finland.
After kicking the series off with its first-ever industrial scale trial run with liquefied waste plastic in 2020, Neste has conducted additional runs in 2021. Neste has been able to upgrade liquefied waste plastic to drop-in solutions for plastic production and develop industrial scale capabilities to upgrade recycled feedstocks.
Neste has set itself the goal of processing more than one million tons of plastic waste per year from 2030 onwards.
To achieve that goal, the company is advancing chemical recycling to turn plastic waste into a valuable raw material, strengthening circularity.
Neste completed a successful trial run with 400 tonnes of plastic waste in 2020, marking a milestone when it comes to Neste’s goal of driving a circular economy to reduce the depletion of fossil resources.
“There is strong interest in feedstocks from recycled raw materials in the polymers and chemicals market,” said Mercedes Alonso, executive vice president, Renewable Polymers and Chemicals at Neste.
“By processing liquefied waste plastic and upgrading waste into valuable resources, we thereby not only contribute to combating the plastic pollution challenge, but we also provide chemical and polymer companies with the means to advance the circular economy. To do so at a larger scale going forward, we’ll also require regulatory support. On the one hand, this includes the acceptance of chemical recycling as a complementary technology to achieve ambitious recycling targets. On the other hand, we need similarly ambitious targets for increasing the use of more sustainable materials.”
The plastic waste used for the trial runs comprised only mixed post-consumer waste that is otherwise hard to recycle.