Neste and Ravago in chemical processing joint venture

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Neste and Ravago have announced plans to build an industrial facility for chemical recycling.
This facility will be built in the North Sea Port in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. The facility is intended to be the starting point of joint global chemical recycling activities and the two companies plan to demonstrate and advance the commercialisation of these processes.
This strategic partnership combines Ravago’s expertise in the mechanical preparation of plastic waste, Alterra Energy’s proprietary liquefaction technology and Neste’s expertise in the processing of hydrocarbons. Neste and Ravago are aiming for a first industrial chemical recycling site in North Sea Port in Vlissingen with an annual processing capacity of approximately 55 000 tonnes of mixed plastic waste.
“We are truly excited about the progress of our joint project work. By fixing the investment location and scope, we are again one step closer to turning our dream into reality,” said Theo Roussis, CEO at Ravago. “Together with Neste, we have the necessary ingredients for a successful recipe to create scalable solutions, converting non-recyclable waste streams into valuable end products.”
“Chemical recycling has been a promising technology to accelerate the creation of a circular economy for quite a while,” said Mercedes Alonso, executive vice president, renewable polymers and chemicals at Neste. “Now, it is time to take it to the next level and turn the promise into an industrial solution.”

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