Navigating the bearing selection process

There are a huge number of variables you need to weigh up when selecting the right types of bearings for your project. There is no doubt things can get confusing, particularly if your project is non-standard.
Chris Johnson managing director at specialist bearing supplier SMB Bearings, explains one of six important bearing selection considerations.
Getting the right bearings and lubrication combination ensures a long service life for your bearings and rolling elements of machines.
The selection procedure is much more than just checking the load rating supplied by the manufacturer, although this is a good starting point. You need to analyse your application closely, and really consider the many different design factors that make up ball bearings. From varying materials, to high-temperature lubrication, there is a lot to think about.
If you have no idea of the type of bearings you need, then your first question should be, “what is the bearing doing?” In what application or environment will it be used? This is a crucial starting point, as even the best quality bearings will not perform well in an ill-suited environment. It’s not just about load...

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