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Nash adds new dry vacuum pump line, upgrades liquid ring pumps

The new Nash Dry-Pro pumps are a good fit for the pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries
The new Nash Dry-Pro pumps are a good fit for the pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries

Nash, a division of Gardner Denver, has added a new line of dry vacuum pumps and systems to its portfolio and upgraded its liquid ring vacuum pumps.

A new addition is the Dry-Pro dry vacuum pump, which provides dry and contact free operation without lubrication in the pumping chamber.

The lubricant-free operation translates into major advantages, including no process contamination and no pollution caused by the pump operation.

The Dry-Pro line offers dry screw vacuum pump designs with fixed or variable pitch screw rotors, achieving an ultimate vacuum of .0015”Hg (0.05 mbar abs), and can operate at any pressure between end vacuum and atmospheric pressure.

Capacities range from 80m3/h up to an almost limitless amount with backing pump options and high vacuum boosters.

The high vacuum makes the pump well-suited for processes in the pharmaceutical industry and in fine chemical processing applications.

The rugged and durable pump design offers high vapour and liquid tolerances, and can handle corrosives, organics, inorganics, and solvents because of its oil free, non-contacting screw design.

The shafts and screws are one solid piece, which allows for a safe, problem-free operation that eliminates corrosion between the screw rotor and shaft that can occur in other pump designs.

A low rotational speed ensures low noise and low vibration operation

In addition to the Dry-Pro line, Nash has launched the Vertex upgrade for liquid ring vacuum pumps.

The upgrade improves mechanical efficiency up to 7% without any visible changes to the pump exterior or process piping, the company said in a statement.

Vertex is now available on select new 2BE1 models and as an aftermarket upgrade for existing NASH 2BE1 liquid ring vacuum pumps.

The 2BE1 liquid ring vacuum pumps are used in a wide variety of industries from chemical, oil and gas, power, and paper to general industrial applications.

Nash estimates that over 5,000 2BE1 pumps are currently in operation in North America, and may qualify for the Vertex upgrade.

Through a series of internal adjustments, the Vertex upgrade directs the liquid ring more uniformly around the suction, compression, and discharge cycles, which reduces turbulence inside the pump and the resulting energy loss.

The mechanical efficiency improvement can be realised through reduced power consumption, or through increased pump capacity.

The technology behind the Vertex upgrade is patent pending and available only from Nash.

The Vertex project is ongoing, with additional models planned for release in 2017.

The new Nash Dry-Pro pumps are a good fit for the pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries