Multiple approaches needed to address energy needs

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Energy is commonly defined as the ability to do work.  Most people experience energy at a personal level in terms of their physical or mental energy.  People who are physically fit and have an adequate diet are more likely to feel sufficient energy to get a lot done.  Mental energy has to do with the ability to concentrate and to focus on the task at hand.
Although almost everyone is concerned with personal energy, energy in commercial and industrial environments mainly takes the form of different types of fuel.  Fuel enables us to produce heat, electricity, and light, all of which enable us to do different kinds of work.  Fuel is often divided into two major classes:
Non-renewable fuels are so-called because their existence is finite.  Non-renewable fuels are equated with fossil fuels, and there are three major types:
Natural gas
Fossil fuels are made from decaying plants and tiny marine organisms that existed several hundred million years ago.  As these plants and animals decayed over a long...

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