Multi-million pound investment from Welsh Water

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Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water has outlined proposals to invest an extra £100 million (€115 million) before the end of 2025 to reduce phosphate discharges from its wastewater treatment works and to reduce the impact of Combined Storm Overflows (CSOs).
This is in addition to the £836 million (€996 million) already budgeted in its Business Plan for 2020-2025.
This would include phosphorous reduction in Abergavenny, Brecon, Letterston, Llanybydder, Monmouth and Wolfscastle, supporting improvements on the Usk, Wye, Cleddau and Teifi rivers.
Alastair Lyons, chair of Welsh Water, said: "Healthy rivers are vital for a thriving environment, for our local economies and for our own public health – it is in everyone’s interest that more is done to improve them.
“Rivers in Wales are generally in a better condition than much of England, with 44% of our rivers achieving good ecological status compared to 14% in England. However, this is nowhere near high enough and we recognise that all companies, organisations and communities must work together to play their part in helping improve our rivers further.
“We are already investing £836m to maintain and improve our wastewater network in the five years to 2025, and our proposal to increase this by a further £100m will bring significant benefit. Our projections to 2025 under our ‘Not for Shareholder’ structure provide us the financial flexibility to make this additional investment to the benefit of our communities."


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